That Waitress life


it sucks having to be an adult and work every weekend. 

In just 3 days, ive made a lil over $200. That’s pretty good considering. Im very proud of myself for saving up money. I wanna move out soooooooo bad! My fiancé hates how “frugal” I am with my money. I need make up but I hate spending money! ×p

another weekend off. IDK WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF. i cant afford to not work. but it is nice. Im gonna go to Country Explosion on saturday tho!

how can you be mentally handicapped and  be so demanding!? smh

i honestly love it when i get sat a “2” in my section and you can just tell they are on a date.

you ask how they are doing and set down their breadsticks and ask if they are ready to order.

They chuckle and one always says, “oh, i haven’t even looked at the menu yet”  so you give them more time. Or get them drinks.

As you bring them their food, you can’t help but overhear the way they are talking:

They are telling each other about themselves. 

smiling. laughing. talking about experiences. their likes and dislikes.

Of course you know its gonna be one check.

and it doesnt bother me, when I know, that they are gonna sit there all night long. Even after getting boxes for their food and that one check.

they can take up that one lil’ booth in the corner. i don’t mind. 

i think its kinda sweet.

and i always hope the best for both of them. that maybe, they don’t know it yet, but i kinda do, 

that these two strangers have found each other. 

can you tell the character of a person by the way they tip??

What I’ve learned about becoming a Waitress:

1. Its a whole other kind of job experience. There’s working in food then, there’s Waitressing

2. patience,Patience, PATIENCE

3. Attitude is everything. You are more social and in contact with the customers. 

4. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. (for the most part)

5. good physical appearance helps

6. You will learn new things. Whether its about the job, the customers or even YOURSELF.

7. You appreciate going out to eat more. You feel their “pain” and now understand what its like behind the counter and in the kitchen. 

8. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE TO WORK IN FOOD ONCE IN THEIR LIFETIME. I don’t care how old or “too good” you are. 

9. Don’t work with someone your dating/marrying (hehe)

10. You will come to hate the human race more each day. 

11. aaaaaand people are disgusting.

co-workers then ask, if you want to take their table….

co-workers then ask, if you want to take their table….